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I have a problem to overcome

Depending on the severity of the problem most issues can be overcome with they support of the online programme and where necessary, some in person training, like a clinic or lesson. 

Sometimes, however, whether through lack of confidence or skillset, there are problems that feel too big to overcome alone. This is where booking a call to discuss options is advisable. 

Can I mix the online programme with the inperson training?

The online programme and the programme horses and riders follow with us in person is the same. Most clients who train with us in person also have the online programme, to remind them of things they may have forgotten and give them the chance to advance and practice alone before they next see us.

What is different about your online platform?

Our platform offers a complete foundation programme, as well as, one off sessions and fun transformational courses to take your horse through a specific area of interest. There is a great deal of opportunity to train with us in person and mirror what you are doing online to really add depth and value to your whole training plan! 

Still Unsure?

Schedule your free evaluation call

Working out the next steps for you and your horse can sometimes be unclear.

Many of our clients require a bespoke response to their training and development. To help we offer a free 30 minute call, to discuss your circumstances and help you create a plan for your next steps.