A whole horse approach to equestrian partnerships

Who We Are


Soon after we met we began to see similarities in how we were working and training horses and people. Hanna’s desire to see every horse become as playful and adventurous as they can fit brilliantly with Matt’s focus on how important the detail of each movement is to your horse. We started to see great results as we taught and worked horses together. 

We each spent years travelling the world to seek out and train with some of the best horseman, competitors and trainers. We are both passionate about finding the best professionals we can and learning from them. There is value in seeking out different approaches and not staying in one church. We have both been fortunate to spend extended periods of time working for and training with olympic coaches, natural horseman, classical riders, liberty performers, biomechanics experts and practitioners focusing on science based approaches to behaviour. 

We brought that training back to the UK and opened our first training barn in Hertfordshire where we spent years experimenting and blending our two methods to create an approach that has helped over 1000 horse and rider combinations. In 2023 we moved to Oxfordshire and opened a new barn where our methods are taught as in person courses and online programmes.

When you come to train, you work with both of us, sometimes at the same time, sometimes moving between us. It’s the same for your horse. Our aim is to ensure you and your horse work with which ever one of us is best place to help you move forwards at each stage of your journey. 


Each year hundreds of horse and rider partnerships come through our barn, some attending clinics, some one-on-one coaching and around 150 staying with us for training stays. We see a huge range of breeds, sizes, ages and types of horses. This has helped us refine a unique a training programme that works for any horse.

HOW We can Help you

Build Partnership

Whether you are looking to start a young horse on the right foot, or deepen the partnership with an older horse, everything we do starts with connection. Our programme teaches riders how to understand, read and communicate with their horses to ensure your horse feels confident in the decisions you make and part of the conversation when you do things together. 


Having a goal can be a great focus point. as long as you have a way to get there. We work with riders to break down their goals and make it easy for their horse to be able to say yes to even the most complex of questions. Whether you want to ride a Grand Prix test, jump with no bridle, canter bareback along the beach or just have fun in everything you do, everything is possible if you know how to break things down. 


So often we meet riders who feel stuck, pressured or have come up against a problem that seems unsolvable. We aren’t interested in setting arbitrary timelines and putting unnecessary pressure on you or your horse to do or learn something in a set amount of time. There are always people ready to give an opinion or a judgement. We prefer to help you take steps to solve a problem and let go of it for good. 

The horses we have had the opportunity to help range in severity from issues like trailer loading or being good for the farrier, to extreme behaviour under saddle or on the ground.

The broad range of horses and problems we have seen in our barn have given us a unique perspective when troubleshooting behaviour, identifying issues where others have not been able to. We are proud to work with a range of some of the UK’s best veterinary professionals, expert farriers, bodyworkers, nutritionists, to explore the complex relationship between behaviour and pain. We are referred to by national veterinary practices, the RVC and a number of horse trainers to help solve problems that have often become dangerous, complicated and seem insurmountable. 

“For a long time I have been searching for a holistic approach to my training and I feel like I have finally found it! From the first clinic to your help assessing Molly with your whole team you guys have been forensic in your approach – Thank you!”



Clinics come in different shapes and sizes, from a 1 day tasters to a week long retreat or a Unique Adventure to the beach or forest. We have options for people who have never experienced our ideas before and options for those who are looking to develop their skills further.

Our clinics are a great way to get maximum support and time in the arena. Whether your goal is to build confidence, have a play day, get in to the details of horsemanship or go away on an adventure; we aim to offer a range of experiences for all levels and stages.

All clinics are taught by both Hanna & Matt and you spend as much time in the arena as we can fit in! We keep numbers small so that you get concentrated focus and are given work to do at your level to help you push your learning but still feel supported and safe


We understand that your horse’s journey is precious, whether that’s their first steps in their training, helping them overcome an issue or event, or, ensuring that they are continuing correctly in a competitive career.

That’s why we offer a number of different personalised options for you to send your horse to us. Tailored to your horse and your goals, our packages begin with a conversation about your needs, so that we can build a number of options together and ensure the next steps are the right ones.

Training includes: 
Starting Young Horses & Pre-Starts
Behavioural Issues
Physical Transformations
Rider Intensives 
Diagnosis and problem solving. 

One-to-One Lessons

Private lessons are a vital part of learning. When a clinic or workshop doesn’t suit your needs, we offer one-to-one coaching that can be a great way for you to accelerate your training with your horse.

If you chose to train with us regularly, we can create a programme together that takes your goals in mind and builds a pathway to reach them.

Monitoring your progress along the way to help you evaluate how you and your horse are growing and developing.

“Whether you are looking to solve a problem or take the next step in your journey – these guys are the complete package!


Our membership programme is more than an online academy, it’s a community where we aim to find as many ways as we can to support and grow everyones ability.

100’s of hours of training videos

Ride along audio lessons

Transformations and Guided programmes

Monthly online Q&A’s

Case studies from our barn

A private online community

Free spectator tickets to all clinics

Member only events

Discounts on Clinics, Lessons, Events & Apartment Stays

“It’s so great to find a programme you can do online and in person! Having done 3 clinics the videos help me remember everything we did. Plus being corrected in person makes such a difference!”

Schedule your free evaluation call

Working out the next steps for you and your horse can sometimes be unclear.

Many of our clients require a bespoke response to their training and development. To help we offer a free 30 minute call, to discuss your circumstances and help you create a plan for your next steps.