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Balancing Natural Horsemanship with classical disciplines

I am a horse development specialist and event rider, based in Stevenage, Hertfordshire. Together with my partner Matt and an incredible team, we start, restart and rehabilitate between 100 and 150 horses every year. Some of these horses have behavioural challenges, deemed quirky or untrainable, some have had difficult starts in life, others are being rehabilitated from injury or trauma, but many have owners who want to set their horses up with a solid foundation that equips them with the skills for life.

We have a number of owners whose horses we compete, as well as our own horses who are all competing at different BE levels.

We run a range of clinics, events, one-to-one coaching and bespoke training programmes.

Subjects include:

Groundwork & horse psychology
Show jumping
Cross Country
Liberty & trick training
Hacking, trail riding & unique trips
Rider body awareness & biomechanics

Aston Stables

Our base in Stevenage, Hertfordshire is easily accessible and boasts a lovely 80 × 40 carpet fibre arena with mirrors, a full set of show jumps, a canter / hacking trackhot horse shower and solarium and 15 big airy stables for our guests.

“The marriage of the horse training with the rider focused programmes is really special and unlike anything I have ever experienced before.”

Our Philosophy

We are passionate about blending worlds and finding meeting points where different techniques and methods complement each other to create a more holistic approach to horse and rider training.

For us balance is a critical word. Balance between the horse and rider, balance in the horse’s body, balance in the training plan and most importantly, balance between natural horsemanship and the classical disciplines.

It is possible to compete and have a great relationship with your horse. To ride classically but employ natural horsemanship techniques and reach your goals with your horse, not just on them. This blending of good physical and classical training with horse psychology is the best way to work with your horse. It builds a stronger horse physically and mentally, as well as, developing a richer relationship where you both are working together.

There is no one size fits all method. Horses have different personalities and needs, depending on their innate characteristics and what they have learnt throughout their lives. It’s the same with people. We take an approach to training that has the goal in mind, but the pathway to get there will be unique to you and your horse.

Our backgrounds in natural horsemanship, competitive riding and bodywork for people allows us to look at both sides of the story, what is happening for your horse, and what is happening for you. Often people come to train with us and have forgotten that the person is 50% of the story.

I have always wanted to compete and I have always wanted to have a relationship with my horse, I haven’t found another space, where the two worlds come together so nicely!


Hanna Walton

Hanna Walton

Hanna Walton is a horse development specialist and event rider based in Hertfordshire

Her philosophy centres around the blending of the natural horsemanship worlds with the classical disciplines. 

When she was young, she was always given the tricky horses to work with and found natural horsemanship at a young age, working with Monty Roberts and then training with Pat and Linda Parelli. She has worked as a 2* Parelli Professional, a horse development specialist for Carman Zulouf in Switzerland and starting and training horses with Tik Maynard and Sinead Halpin.

Alongside, this Hanna is an eventer, training with some of the top professionals in the world including Ros Canter and Sarah Bullimore. She works frequently with Tik Maynard who shares her passion for celebrating the middle ground between two worlds.

After her time in Switzerland, she began to develop her own way of working, with a focus on blending eventing with her experience working with some of the world’s best horseman.

Matt Feerick

Trained as a movement actor and director. Matt has worked across the world creating and touring theatre that has reached over 1.5 million people. He lectures a number of universities in the UK, France and Canada – teaching body awareness and acting.

He combines this experience with his work with horses, working with clients to explore how their body impacts their horse and how you can communicate with horses through physicality.

With a specific interest in pre-starting, liberty and dressage. Matt has worked with Monty Roberts, gentling wild mustangs, and developing pre-start techniques. With Frederic Pignon and David Lichman in training liberty, and works with Ian Cast and Magali Delgado in dressage.

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