Horse Development + Training Liveries

Personalised packages tailored to you + your horse

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Hannah is an amazing teacher and trainer. Helped me turn round my pony from one who said No to everything to one who wanted to learn and engage with me.

Hannah helped me on my journey to have a great partner in Holly and I owe her a lot. She helped me when I was at rock bottom and desperate and her confidence and enthusiasm changed everything for Holly and I.

We understand that your horse’s journey is precious, whether that’s their first steps in their training, helping them through a bad experience or ensuring that they are continuing correctly in a competitive career.

That’s why we offer a number of different personalised options for you to send your horse to us. Tailored to your horse and your goals, our packages begin with a conversation about your needs, so that we can build a number of options together and ensure the next steps are the right ones.

All of our programmes are booked in week slots and your needs dictate how long the programme will last. Prices are per week and include full livery, training for the horse and rider, updates & visits, and a handover programme after your horse has spent time with us.

We also offer a number of clinics and training opportunities that provide a great way to continue your training with us after your stay. These have provided a number of clients with a way to continue learning and building on the work that begins here, so that their horse gets consistent approach as they take their next steps.

Horse Starting

Starting modules are 6-10 weeks long. We review each horses progress on a weekly basis. You are welcome to come and watch/visit so that you can be part of the process, regardless we will send lots of photos and videos throughout the stay.

Click below to see the key areas covered:

Ground Work
  • General ground handling and personal space
  • Working on the ground with ropes at a range of distances and longlining
  • Poles/ small jumps
  • Tying up, feet handling and shoeing / farrier preparation (many horses have their first set whilst with us)
  • De-spooking
  • Seeking relaxation when under pressure
  • Leading out and around hacking paths, introduction to all kinds of obstacles to help confidence building
  • Liberty and connection
  • Stable and yard manners
  • Trailer loading
  • Acceptance of the human all over the horse, riding in a halter and bareback
  • Riding in an arena at walk trot and canter on a loose rein
  • Basic flat work exercises and the start of lateral
  • Riding over and around obstacles in and outside of the arena
  • Introduction to poles and objects
  • Hacking out
  • Ponying from other horses
  • Riding in company
  • Acceptance of the snaffle bridle

At the end of the starting process, you will have the opportunity to receive tuition with your horse, each start includes a rider handover in the final week where you come work with your horse on the ground and ride in and outside of the arena so that you are completely set up for success when you go home.

We run a clinic series specifically for owners of young horses. This is an option to build a community of people who are at a similar stage, and a great way to continue your training with us.

Training Holidays

For horses who need a specific work programme, or need to maintain their training whilst you are away or unable to be with them, we offer short term training liveries. A bespoke programme for as long as you and your horse need.

Re-starting, Problem solving or trauma

Often a horse has a particular problem or experience to overcome, where a consistent, professional hand is needed to help them move through an issue. We have experience dealing with many issues seen as “unfixable” and can offer a programme tailored to your horses needs. Beyond this we create a series of strategies for you both after the stay with us.

Enquire about Livery

To enquire about spaces for Training and Horse-Development liveries, please get in touch and we can start planning your horses next big adventure.