Specialising + Finding Inspiration

Clinics come in different shapes and sizes, from regular Clinics evenings focused on specific techniques, to our one-off Unique Adventures to the beach or forests. There are options for people who have never experienced our ideas before and options for those who are looking to develop their skills further.

We aim to welcome anyone who wants to learn and will match you with the right group and clinic in conversation together.

Pathways Clinic

Connecting + Building Community

Do you feel like you’ve plateaued? Need some inspiration or to feel part of a community?

We recognise, that it can sometimes feel lonely or isolating when you are practicing ideas that often others are not.  Outside of our subject specific clinic programme, we run regular clinics called Pathways.

Pathways is a series of clinics that bring the same group of participants together every month.  A regular and common focus builds a community that is accountable to each other whilst supporting each other’s journey.

Groups are organised by level, which is assessed on your skills and your horses experience; this ensures you are with the right group so that you feel supported and challenged.

Often pathway groups will work together to prepare for our Unique Adventures, such as taking their horses to the beach or forest.

To find out more about our joining our Pathways programme get in touch.

Bespoke Clinics + Visits

Would you like to organise a clinic at your venue?

We off a regular or one-off clinic at your venue with a minimum number of participants. Clinics can be half day, full day or multiple days.

Please get in touch to discuss options that could work for you.

2022 Clinics

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Back to Basics

The FUndamentals

2 day crash course

Often we get so wrapped up in moving forwards with our horses, we skip through the fundamental elements. This 2 day clinic is all about the work that underpins everything you and your horse do together. How to get your horse to correctly work through its body, whilst having a calm and connected mind. A chance to focus on the important components that make the best horsemen and riders.

Eventing Naturally


1 day intensive

For owners of young horses, who want to expose them to new environments and learn how to teach the basics of respect, safety and confidence. This clinic explores how to be effective but fair with your young horse, understanding their abilities and helping to set them up in the best way you can at the beginning of their lives.

Eventing Naturally

Liberty + Connection

1 day one-off

Working with horse to achieve a connection beyond the physical. Exploring techniques of how to communicate and develop ways to build a strong connection at liberty with your horse, with a focus on your own body and how this can help to manage energy, direction and most importantly play.

Eventing Naturally


1 day one-off

Let your horse unlock and explain how your body influences their movement and their mind. Using different techniques, and feedback, whist working with Matt, you will explore your own alignment so that you can better communication with your horse. This one day clinic is a taster into the work we are exploring with body language and communication.

Eventing Naturally

Eventing Naturally

3 day camp

A 3-day clinic exploring every discipline in the eventing cannon and how you can get there using natural techniques that help motivate your horse. Day 1 focuses on ground work and flat work, Day 2 Gymnastics and show jumping, and day 3 takes you on to a cross-country course to develop your cross-country skills.

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Unique Adventures

Enjoy our Clinics?  Ready for your next adventure?

We offer unique getaways for you and your horse.  Whether that’s trekking through a forest or canterring along the beach, we create a safe and happy experience to explore and play in new environments.

Find out more about our Unique Adventures and register your interest by clicking below. 

Unique Adventures